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Avian Brigand

Steller's Jay

Cyanocitta stelleri

Having trouble in the bedroom, attracting a soulmate or staying in a long-term relationship? Let these showy blue beauties show you how it’s done! Strutting for love... known as sexual sidling is how these birds choose the perfect mate that will aid in improving their reproductive performance. Imagine dancing the Cha Cha/Casper Slide but with less moves! The bold, boisterous and brigand-like Steller’s Jays can be found in coniferous forests in western North America. Their work experience primarily includes begging, stealing and scavenging at parks, picnic sites and campgrounds.

As members of the Corvidae family, they come with all sorts of intelligence but mixed with some pernicious behavior. Not only will they take your food, they’ll also steal the eggs of other birds. They are notorious for mimicking vocalizations of other birds, animals and even noises from the environment to deter predators and scare other birds away from food sources. Though bad-to-the-bone, you can’t deny their stunning beauty and that 80s gravity- defying Aqua Net hairstyle! To attract these crested robbers to your yard, try shelled peanuts and suet. A group of jays is hilariously called a “party”.

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