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Black Birders Week 2021

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

It’s the kickoff of #blackbirdersweek2021, Wyoming style! I’ll be posting all sorts of bird goodness throughout the week - including new “bird stories”. I'll be sharing through my Instagram and Facebook. Get ready to learn, laugh and love! ❤️📸🐦🎒📚🥾

Hello, I’m Day!

I’m an environmental educator, certified naturalist, wildlife photographer and ornithogy student.

Shortly after re-locating from Southern California to Wyoming, I was in vehicular collision with a herd of pronghorn - which left me with a traumatic brain injury. Watching birds through my window when my ability to walk and speak were compromised, is how my affinity for birds first began. Birds became part of my healing journey. Today, I can go on small adventures. When I’m not in rehab or resting, I’m out in the wilderness nurturing my soul, mingling with wildlife and capturing moments with my camera and my heart.

✨If you’re interested in reading more about my journey, check out this recent interview (located under Projects) with Acorn Naturalists.

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