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Dabbling Ducklings

Mallard Duck

Anas platyrhynchos

If you have my 2021 “Talk Birdie to Me” calendar, meet your September bird!

✨How to be a Mallard Duckling 101✨

Once you hatch, have your first stretch and get your balance (less than a day), mom will take you on your first field trip! It’ll probably be scary and it may take a while to get there. Once you arrive at the water, just stick with mom. She’ll lead you to your first yummy meal. Don’t worry - you can already swim, run and feed yourself. Mom will protect and keep you warm while you’re losing your natal down and growing your first feathers. After about two months, you’ll be ready to leave mom and take flight.


Probably the most populous ducks on earth are the Mallard Ducks (MALL). These vertical flying birds may waddle at a low cruising speed but can fly up to 70mph. The male mallard (called a drake) rocks a glossy green head, white ring around the neck and a toasty brown chest. The female (called a hen) is not showy at all. Her plumage is mottled brown with a purple patch on the wings.

If you ever find yourself in Memphis, TN - be sure to visit the Peabody hotel. A few years back, I had a chance to stay there and see the “royal” flock of Mallards being escorted from the “Royal Duck Palace” (a $200,000 structure located on the roof), to the hotel’s lobby fountain for an afternoon swim. They were accompanied by their Duck master… 🦆 🦆 🦆🦆🦆

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