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Duck, Duck...GOOSE

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Canada Goose

Branta canadensis

Way before Beyoncé told y’all to get in formation, these birds were paving the way. Known for their infamous aerodynamic “V”flight formation (used to save energy), is the Canada Goose (known colloquially as “Canadian Goose”). Many humans finding these grazing geese a nuisance as they tend to “lose their shit” everywhere they walk. I’m particularly interested in this species because of their drastic defense moves. When the feeling of threat is upon them, they’re known to bite, hiss and even bitch(wing)slap a possible predator. Another cool fact about them is that they mate for life...this leaves little room for geese mistresses and such.

Canada Geese are native to North America, Canada and Mexico. From my research, their scientific name sees to have derived from mere observation of them flying towards Canada during spring migration and not because the Queen granted them Canadian citizenship. Canada Geese are both migratory and residential. With their distinctive black heads with white chin straps, elongated necks and automated honking systems, they're pretty hard to miss. If you don’t see any right now, no worries, they’ll soon be (dis)gracing a park near you.

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