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Iridescent Icterids

Updated: Mar 3

Common Grackle

Quiscalus quiscula

If you have my 2022 “Talk Birdie to Me” calendar, meet your March bird!


These gregarious grackles may be considered common but they’re definitely not ordinary. Common Grackles (COGR) have no chill when it comes to showing up uninvited and basically loitering. No dine and dash for them. These iridescent icterids eat and then stick around to case the joint in hopes of getting more food - even it involves stealing it.

COGRs are very fascinating. They’re one of the only bird species with magnetite in their necks, heads and beaks. This allows them to use the earth’s geomagnetic fields to navigate. Another interesting thing is that practice a behavior called “anting” which involves rubbing ants on their feathers. There have been numerous studies done about this strange behavior that’s practiced by over 200 bird species. From the research, the scientific conclusion on why they practice “anting” is…it feels good to them. 👌🏾🐜😆

These boisterous blackbirds provide premium backyard security and keep other birds in check. To attract them to your yard…. nevermind. 😂🚫

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