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Lame Duck

Mallard Duck

Anas platyrhynchos

In honor of the presidential inauguration, I present to you a duck. This is not just any duck and it’s certainly not a LAME-DUCK...

Mallard Ducks are the most recognized wild ducks in the world... I’m talking tremendously recognizable. Believe me, I know ducks. I know so many ducks and these are the greatest ducks that you want to know.

They fly at bigly speeds. I can fly too. I can really soar. You should see me when I fly, they say I can’t fly 50+ mph like these ducks. They don’t know what they’re talking about, fake news. Male (drake) Mallard Ducks can be distinguished by their iridescent green heads and yellow bills while the females (hen) are very drab and brown in color. People say that I’m orange in color. These are the same people that I gave millions of jobs. This isn’t how you thank someone whose helped you. I helped the ducks and they are still thanking me with a quack quack here and a quack quack there... especially the lady ducks.

Did you know that Mallards are related to Black ducks? I like the Blacks. No one has done more for the Black community than me. Now the oldest known male Mallard Duck was 27 years old, maybe he was a Black, I don’t know. Anyway, I knew that duck, he was a terrific duck. We would walk to the drained swamp together on very fine days. On early mornings, you may be able to find 11,780 of the finest ducks at the park. The ones with huge grass and amazing water. The type of classy water that swishes snd has all kinds of fishy things that swim.

Together with millions of these hardworking ducks across this land, we can build the greatest political pond movement in the history of our country. I want to thank you all. God Bless the ducks and God Bless America.🦆 #MakeDucksGreatAgain #LameDuck #minus45

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