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The Flying Fishcatarian


Pandion Haliaetus

Standing two feet tall with a six foot wingspan are the Olympic worthy Ospreys (OSPR). They hunt by hovering, then diving feet first to snatch their prey from shallow waters. Ospreys have unique adaptations that help to keep their fishing game strong. They can close their nostrils for that up to 100-foot dive and use their reversible outer toes, equipped with spicules to orient their catch headfirst for the flight home.

Ospreys are often confused with Bald Eagles, though distinctly different, they do have a remarkable relationship. The Bald Eagle has been known to harass an OSPR until it releases its hard earned prey or will even steal its tightly packed lunch.

You can find Ospreys on every continent except Antarctica. 🐠 #fishhawk

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