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Day Scott, a disabled wildlife conservationist, photographer, and educator, embarked on an extraordinary journey. A vehicular collision with a pronghorn herd three years ago left her with a traumatic brain injury (TBI), but her passion for conservation and education remains undaunted. Before the accident, she was a dedicated environmental educator, focusing on inclusive outdoor experiences. Now, as a disabled scientist, she advocates for inclusiveness and equity in academia and conservation research, particularly for those with disabilities.

Day's boundless enthusiasm for research and wildlife photography has a global impact, with her work featured on platforms like Animal Planet and Discovery. Particularly noteworthy is her two-year stint as a judge for the Australia Zoo's Crikey! Magazine Photography Competition, collaborating closely with the Irwin family

Despite the hurdles of TBI rehabilitation, Day discovers profound joy in her journey of learning and the realm of natural science. Her contributions in research, advocacy, and conservation serve as an inspirational call for others to unite in the noble cause of conservation advocacy. Day's resilience and dedication serve as a beacon of hope for the natural world and the scientific community.

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