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Hi, I'm Day! I'm a disabled biologist, conservation photographer, writer and educator. My passion for wildlife has led to amazing opportunities in research and photography.  Over the last two years, I've had a huge lifestyle change following a vehicular collision with a herd of pronghorn, leaving me with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Adjusting to a life with disabilities and challenges has truly impacted my day-to-day activities. I thought that I’d lost everything due to my accident, but I was so wrong. During this recovery, I discovered an affinity for birds, a voice for advocacy, and the bravery to dare greatly. 


Prior to my accident, I was an environmental educator. One of my goals was making the outdoors more inclusive and safer for marginalized communities, even as I carried my own fears due to experiencing racism in outdoor spaces. Now, as a disabled person, I’ve extended my focus and advocacy (as an instructor & student) for inclusiveness in the scientific community, particularly for people with disabilities in academia and field research. 


My resilience and passion for research and wildlife conservation continues to keep me motivated. My photography has been featured across the social media platforms of Animal Planet and Discovery and continues to reach audiences beyond my imagination. My most recent collaboration was with the Australia Zoo, where I served as a judge for the 2022 Crikey! Magazine Photography Competition. 


My TBI rehabilitation is difficult and may take a lifetime; however, I’ve found the silver lining! I continue to find joy in my love of learning and sharing natural science through research, advocacy, conservation, wildlife photography, and storytelling. I hope that my work in the lab, field and behind the lens inspires others toward conservation advocacy.

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