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Day Scott, a science professional and non-traditional student, embarks on a remarkable academic journey shaped by a life-altering car accident resulting in a traumatic brain injury. Her resilience and passion for wildlife conservation drive her pursuit of higher education, a testament to her determination in turning obstacles into opportunities for growth and positive change.

At the University of Idaho, she works toward an undergraduate degree in Wildlife Science, maintaining a high GPA despite disabilities and barriers. Day holds distinctions as a Doris Duke Conservation Scholar and a McNair Scholar.  Day's research interests have evolved into studying owls, offering valuable insights into their behavior, habitat preferences, and ecological roles. She's also developed a keen interest in disease ecology, recognizing the crucial connection between wildlife health and ecosystem integrity.

During her most recent field season at the Beckman Center for Conservation Research (San Diego Zoo Wildlife Safari Park), she delved into disease dynamics in owl populations and deepened her understanding of ecological factors affecting their habitat. Her research not only highlights her dedication to wildlife science but also underscores her commitment to conserving these enigmatic birds.

Day's academic journey at the University of Idaho is marked by her dedication to wildlife science, research passion, and conservation commitment. Her journey through rehabilitation serves as an inspiration, showcasing the transformative power of passion and determination in the face of adversity. Her future goals include expanding her research portfolio to work with a wider range of animal species and delve deeper into disease ecology. As a naturalist, environmental educator, conservation photographer, and science communicator, she emerges as a dynamic force in the field of wildlife science, poised to make significant contributions to research, conservation, and public awareness of the intricate beauty and ecological importance of the natural world.

University of Idaho

Major: Wildlife Sciences

Minor: Biology

Concentration: Microbiology

Current GPA


Scholar Programs

McNair Scholar

Doris Duke Conservation Scholar

President - National Forestry Honor Society, Epsilon Chapter

Research Labs

Rachlow Lab/Conway: College of Natural Resources​

Topic: A comparative analysis of Burrowing Owl body

mass in urban and rural habitats (in progress)

Rowley Lab: Department of Biological Sciences

Topic: Immobilization methods for optimal yeast

extraction in social bees (in progress)​

Other Science Education 

  • University of Wyoming - Naturalist Certification

  • University of California - Naturalist Certification 

  • NOLS  - Wilderness First Responder (WFR)

  • NAI - Certified Interpreter


  • University of Idaho - Wyoming, USA  (2021)​

    • Burrowing Owl Migration Project

    • Courtney Conway, PI

  • Southwestern Research Station - Portal, AZ (2022)

    • Hawkwatch International

    • Forest Owl Study, Dave Oleyar

  • San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance - San Diego, CA (2023)

    • Institute for Conservation Research

    • Recovery Ecology - Burrowing Owl Team​​

    • Melissa Merrick, PI

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