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Boozing Bandits

Cedar Waxwing

Bombycilla cedrorum

Coming in with a blood alcohol content excessively over the legal limit is the Cedar Waxwing (CEDW). Their life goals include consuming as many fruits and berries as possible (frugivores), getting drunk, dancing for sex, gifting potential mates and trying to avoid getting a FUI (flying under the influence). These saucy songbirds have some interesting habits, they’re known for getting “fermented fruit wasted” and falling out of trees by the dozen. CEDW’s “waxwing” designation comes from their waxy red secondary feather tips. These bright red secretions are said to be an indication of maturity and influence sexual selection.

Though a migratory species, you can find these boozy bandits year-round in some regions of North America. A group of waxwings are collectively known as an earful. 🥴 #buzzedBirds


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